How-To/DIY: Modifying a JDM Honda Integra Type R Front Bumper Lip onto the 94-97 Integra Bug-eyed front bumper

I’ve been in search for a front lip for my 1994-1997 Integra front bumper for quite some time.  I had a fake Mugen-style lip for awhile and enjoyed how it look but unfortunately, I cracked it into several pieces when I hit a curb.  A 1997  Acura Integra Type R lip sells for several hundred dollars due to its limited production, making it a rather rare item. But fortunately for me, I got a Honda Integra Type R front lip for FREE!

My cousin had a Phoenix Yellow Acura Integra Type R and had a JDM ITR front end conversion done. Unfortunately, while driving home from work, he couldn’t avoid hitting a tire on the freeway and it damaged the front lip. It hit so hard that the lip came undone and removed a lot of the polyurethane off.

I came over to visit one day to catch up and let him see my car build I’ve been working on since it was his DC2R that inspired me to build an Integra for myself. I notice the lip was in the backyard, collecting dirt and dust from sitting for awhile. I asked, “What are you gonna do with this lip?” And his response, “It’s trash. You want it? Feel free to take it.”

After some modifications to the lip, I managed to make the JDM ITR front lip fit quite flush and snug to the OEM 1994-1997 bug-eyed front end with a few screws, bolts and zip-ties. I gotta say, my best inexpensive mod I ever did to my Integra sedan:

Now let’s dive right into this tutorial on:


Modifying a JDM ITR Bumper Lip onto the 94-97 Integra front bumper

Step 1:

Cut and remove the polyurethane material from the back of the front lip. This allows for the lip to sit flush to the lower lip portion of the 1994-1997 OEM front bumper. Make sure to create tabs like in the images below to zip-tie down. You can see in the second picture the damages from the tire my cousin hit on the freeway.

Step 2:

Line the JDM ITR front lip to the lower lip portion on the 1994-1997 front bumper to make new mounting holes for the lip. It does not have to be perfect, it only needs to be aligned so you can mount 10mm bolts and nuts.

Step 3:

With the tabs you created earlier, now align the lip to the bumper and cut slits into the lower lip portion of the OEM front bumper. This took me a few tries before I was content and satisfied so take your time with this step. Honestly, I didn’t care too much since you can’t see this part when the JDM ITR lip is installed.

Step 4:

Insert the custom tabs you created in Step 1 and zip-tie them around the lower lip portion of the OEM front bumper.


I must say, it definitely changed the look of the car and brought me much closer to the looks of a 1997 Integra Type R look.

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