How-To/DIY: Install or Remove a Front Carbing Lower Arm Bar.

Hey how’s it going fellow Integra enthusiasts! Here is another How-To/DIY article about increasing chassis rigidity.

Warning: Use this guide at your own risk. I am not a professional and am not responsible for injury to you, your vehicle, or anyone/thing else if you choose to follow this guide.

Information about the usage of this item:

Carbing Lower Arm Bars improve steering response and increases traction. Works by linking the left and right sub-frame to reduce flex and twisting of the chassis. Here’s the white Carbing Front Tie Bar I picked up from a friend who was parting out his Acura Integra GSR sedan.How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (1) How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (2)

Step One: Jack up the car. SAFETY FIRST. This is overboard and image is from another tutorial but you can never have enough safety. Just remember this: You’re working on something that weights over 3 tons, do you really want that potential risk of that much weight falling on you? Improper lifting of a vehicle IS life or death…so choose life! 😀How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (3)

Step Two: Use a 17mm socket to remove 2 x 17mm bolt from the sub-frame from the control arm.

How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (4) How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (5)

Step Three: Place the Carbing Lower Arm Bar aligned with one side of the sub-frame and control arm and insert a bolt back in. Tip: To align the control arm to the sub-frame, use a scissor jack and flat-head to line the components together.

How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (6) How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (7)

Step Four: Tighten the bolt down and repeat on the other side of the sub-frame.

How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (8) How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (9)

Step Five: Lower car and enjoy the extra chassis rigidity, improved steering response and increased traction. Now that the bar is installed, I can now worry less when driving slammed. 😉

How-to-install-front-carbing-tie-bar (11)

So after a year of driving slammed with this front Carbing tie bar, I’m quite glad with this investment because it withstand the abuse of daily slammed driving and still kept my car feeling rigid during hard turns. Definitely a nice investment with function & form. 😀


If you enjoyed the article, stay tuned for more HOW-TO/DIY articles and an upcoming ebook I am working on. 🙂

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