How-To/DIY: Cheap Simple Anti-Theft Mod to Protecting Integra Turn Signal Lights

So as an Integra enthusiast and owner, there are some cons of owning an Integra. One of the biggest downfalls of owning an Integra is the high rate of theft. The rate of theft on these cars and most Japanese cars are high because they are easy targets and easily broken into. Especially if your car is modified with good rare parts or expensive racing parts, it is hard to have peace of mind whenever we park our cars anywhere.

Sometimes the places we want to be at for leisure can be the worst places to park your car. Either it is watching a movie at the theaters, strolling around the mall for shopping or having a simple dinner with your partner, all these places are an open field for thieves to scout our their targets. A thief would likely ensure their is no security around and with given enough time can get in within minutes and out with your car without you ever knowing it.

Obviously, a good alarm security system is HIGHLY recommended alongside with other layers of security to protect your car. But what about parts that’s been factory installed but easy to steal? In this post, I’m specifically focusing on the stock turn signal lights on the third generation Integra models, ranging from 1994-2001 production years.

These turn signal lights are installed by sliding into the bumper’s brackets and held in by one screw. Carrying a screwdriver is conveniently small and removing two screws, one on each side, can cost you your stock or even rare turn signal lights. The 1994-2001 stock turn signal lights are usually easier to come by to replace. But what about the rare 1993.5-1995 Honda Integra Si-VTEC or 1998-2001 European Honda Integra Type R turn signal lights?

Well I’m here to show you a very simple, inexpensively effective & another layer of security add-on modification to protect your turn signal lights. This mod only requires 2 screws and creating a hole on the back of each turn signal light bracket slots.


Step 1: Remove the Front Bumper

Step 2: Remove the turn signal light brackets off the back of the bumper, held by 3 screws per side.


Step 3: Create the holes for both turn signal light bracket slots.


Step 4: Insert the screws through the turn signal light slot in each bracket.


Step 5: Mount the brackets back onto the bumper.


Step 6: Finished! Now it is more difficult for a thief to steal the turn signal lights without damaging the integrity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on How-To/DIY: Cheap Simple Anti-Theft Mod to Protecting Rare Si-VTEC Turn Signal Lights.

Stay Tuned! I’m almost done with my eBook! 😀

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