How-To/DIY: Removing the center console

In this How-To/DIY tutorial, I’ll illustrate the process to remove the Integra center console. This is important to learn because this step is required to add a new radio, a new shifter, replacing the shift boot, installing a hidden kill switch or for a deep cleaning session which this current Integra build desperately needs. So please excuse and forgive for the dirtiness.

This is a new Acura Integra RS sedan build I recently picked up from my brother who daily drove this car 120 miles per day! So you can tell he spend a lot of time here where he ate snacks and drank beverages for the last few years of his ownership. So this is literally the same condition he left it for me and I wanted to remove the center console to do some cleaning. Another reason why I removed the center console is to install an aftermarket Fastline Performance shifter which will be in a later post. So stay tuned!

Okay let’s getting cranking!

Step 1:

Pry off the plastic cover in the middle of the center console to reveal the two screws holding the center console down.

Step 2:

Remove four (4) screws, two in the front and two in the rear of the center console.

Step 3:

Slightly pry apart the center console and slide the back part up and outward. Be very cautious has this can easily break. You can see in the image the “notches” that needs to be lifted up and outward.

Step 4:

Remove the shift knob by rotating it counter-clockwise.

Step 5:

Remove the ashtray by pressing the sliding lever downward and pull the tray outward.

Step 6:

Remove the two (2) screws in the back

Step 7:

Pull the ashtray/cigarette light part out and unplug the cigarette light connector out.

Step 8:

Remove the last two (2) screws.

Step 9:

Pull the front center console outward and upward around the shifter. It helps to remove the seat back.


Yuck! The carpet needs some tough TLC…

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