Events: Eibach Honda Meet 2009

I am still sorting out my photos for editing and coming up with the written content for new How-To/DIY articles. So in the mean time, I plan to share the events I have attended and the photoshoots I’ve had with my DB7. Today I will be sharing my time I had at Eibach Honda Meet 2009.

Eibach is the home of an annual Honda Car Meet that’s been going on for decades. Unfortunately, 2009 was one of the last years to hold the meet at the Eibach Springs facility due to its limited capacity. So every year, as the Honda car community continue to grow, the location & venues continue to migrate to larger locations. I personally loved it when they Honda Meet was held at the Eibach Springs so after since they changed locations, I stopped attending because there is usually more chaos when there is more people. The last Eibach Honda Meet I attended was last 2012 and it was crowded with rude-manner people, hot as heck & just chaotic with the parking for spectators.

I hope you guys enjoy this never-before-seen coverage of Eibach Honda Meet of 2009. 🙂

Location – Eibach Springs in Corona, CA
Just arrived at the meet with some budies and this is the first thing I see, a swarm of Hondas of all models, waiting to be entered into the Eibach Springs parking lot.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (1)

I did not snap much pictures from the gates because I want to start from the back and circle around the VIP show cars. First thing that caught my eyes was the group of Acura/Honda Integra Type R’s! From the classic 1997 Acura Integra Type R to wild race-prepped Integra Type R’s. This was the beautiful lineup.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (2) - ITR Lineup

After gazing at the group of Integra Type R’s, a friend notice me immediately and greeted me. Him being a Lakers fan, he wanted me to take a picture of his attire and Rays Engineering RE-30 wheels. His car was also a rarity since his Integra Type R utilizes the Cwest body kit. From the matching rear bumper with vents to the sideskirts. You can also see a Mugen Gen. 2 spoiler to complement the lip kit. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (3) - Cwest ITR Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (4) - Rays Engineering RE30 Wheels

Nice Milano Red DC Integra with OEM ’98-’01 ITR lip on Almighty Grey Regamaster EVO wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (6) - Milano Red DC Integra Regamaster EVOs

Clean 98-01 Integra front end w/ OEM Integra Type R lip, rocking a bronze Mugen MF10 wheels and a subtle touch with the Honda Integra sedan window visors.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (5) - DB Mugen MF10L wheels

Nice Integra Type R with gold Rays Engineering RE-30 wheels, P1 Splitter/lip and carbon fiber hood.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (7) - ITR RE30 P1 Splitter

Nice combo with this Championship White Integra Type R, utilizing a Backyard Special, or BYS, front bumper, Work Meister wheels & Spoon twin-piston brake calipers. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (8) BYS ITR Work Meister

This Honda Civic had it all! From a Spoon-certified engine bay to the OEM JDM Honda Civic SiR moldings. Can’t get any more JDM than this. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (9) - Spoon Engine Honda SiR

Love this duo of Acura Integras because it shows two different facelifts. The left is the ’90-’91 Integra front w/ rare OEM lip and the right is the ’92-’93 Integra front just slammed. Both have JDM 1-piece headlights.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (10) - DA Integras

Clean Indy Yellow Pearl Honda S2000 AP2, rocking Amuse aero.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (11) - Indy Yellow Pearl AP2 Amuse Aero

Before CCW wheels became popular in 2010, only a few had them on their rides. Definitely attention grabbing with its chrome barrel & machined mesh face.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (12) - CCW Wheel

Super clean black Honda Civic Si EM1 here. The Mugen accessories on this car was drool-worthy with the Mugen intake, Mugen valve cover & Mugen front lip. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (13) - EM1 Mugen

A nice Electron Blue Pearl Honda Civic Si EM1 sitting on some custom black painted RC Stark Rennsport wheels with centercaps. Notice the nice touch of writing “Starks RC” on the spoke.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (14) - EBP EM1 on RC Stark Rennsport

I thought this was hilarious. Not sure why he has this facial expression but I can see some hilarious memes being created, haha. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (15)

Tracked out Honda Civic EG hatchback. Love the look of the J’s Racing front lip of Honda Civic EG’s.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (16) - Tracked EG

Random but always a pleasant treat to see a Nissan Silvia S15. These are import-only vehicles so you can understand its rarity here in the US. It’s right-hand drive only and was never sold in the US market. If if correct, this was owned by a female driver. This S15 sitting on tri-spoke Super Advan SA3R wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (17) - Nissan S15 Super Advan SA3R

Saw a clean, Mugen equipped Acura RSX but was astonish to see its wheels/brake setup. It was just so flashy like bling bling haha. This Acura RSX had a set of polished, or maybe chromed, Mugen MF10’s with matching center-caps & Spoon brake calipers.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (18) Mugen MF10L Spoon

This 2nd Gen. Acura Integra had a nice paintjob but even nicer engine bay. I like the white valve cover to give contrast to the body’s paint and with subtle touches of polished components. Notice the super rare Red Horse carbon fiber strut bars. The wheels were also money which were Sprint Hart CPR’s.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (19) - DA Integra CPRs Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (20) - DA Integra Engine Red Horse Strut Bar

A real nice ‘94’97’ front Integra with Si-VTEC lip on 949 6UL wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (21) - SiVTEC Integra 949 Wheels

I forgot to take a picture of this Honda Civic EK hatchback which had a rare Honda Orthia front end because the custom and RARE wheels caught my eyes the most, the SSR Defi Fins wheels. It was even cooler to see a set of clean Sprint Hart CPR’s to its right. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (22) - Rare SSR Wheels Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (23) - SSR Defi Fins Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (24) Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (25)

After walking around in the heat, my friends and I wanted to see the inside of the Eibach Springs facility. It had a office but mostly a large workspace where you could see their signature coilvers and springs being made. We left shortly afterwards but stopped by this rare classic, the 1997 Acura Integra Type R. It’s rare because this was the first year of production for the Type R trims and the only year with the ‘94’97 front end. What made this car even more awesome was the super rare Mugen lip. Also had a killer engine bay too. 😛Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (26) Mugen 97 ITR

Alongside the building was a nice Milano Red Acura Integra GSR w a Mugen Gen. 1 wing, Regamaster EVO wheels with meaty tires & OEM ITR lip with custom aerodynamic down-force add-ons.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (27)

One of the venues has this 2nd Gen. Acura integra. It had a JDP lip, Mugen MF10L wheels, carbon fiber hood &, I believe to be, Mugen side skirts.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (28)

Awesome track-prepped 3rd Gen. Acura Integra sedan with a roll cage, bronze TE37’s, window visors & J’s Racing air duct for the JDM ITR front end.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (29) - DB8 on Bronze TE37s

Nice, clean white Honda S2000 AP2 with Amuse aero and white CE28’s.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (30)

Another clean black Honda S2000 AP2 with OEM front lip and polished Work VS-XX wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (31) - Black AP2 on Work VSXX

Nice purple Acura TL with OEM lip, ARC winglet splitters & Gramlight wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (32) - Acura TL ARC winglet splitters

I really really enjoyed this car particularly because it had a front end from the 3rd Gen Integra that is not often seen since it’s located in a different domestic market – The UKDM/EDM Integra Type R front end. Now you may be thinking, it looks just like a regular ‘98-’01 Integra Type R front but notice the subtle additions of the fog lights. This black Acura Integra had the rare UKDM/EDM turn signal lights too. Very nice build with lots of JDM gooies to balance with that rare UKDM/EDM ITR front end.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (33) - UKDM EDM Integra

But in the end, the 3rd Gen. Integra front I love the most would have to be the ’94-’97 Integra front end. This car was a favorite of mines during the even so you’ll see this car again near the end of this post. From the teal paintjob to the Mugen replica lip, this build was spot on.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (34)

I thought this was hilarious and informative of an image. One because this dog is chilling under a Honda S2000 but two, because it was a scorching hot day!Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (35)

The famous Honda Civic EG hatchback that influence the whole stance scene. He repainted the engine bay to have four different colors. I can appreciate the art expression because he had a very well tucked engine bay too.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (36)

Always a pleasure to see a 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Integras side by side with the JDM bar headlights. This orange 2nd Gen Acura Integra also had a rare Mugen bumper & side skirts, suble touch with the Spoon mirrors & window visors. All while sitting on some white Sprint Hart CPR wheels. Doesn’t hurt with that turbo intercooler too. 😛Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (37) - Mugen DA Integra

Thought this was unique. It’s a custom fabricated front core support to withstand impact but fabricated in a way where it also holds the bumper up with quick-release tabs.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (38)

By now, my friends and I got tired and notice most VIP cars were leaving so we opted to take some rolling shots. At the gate, I saw this rally prepped Subaru Impreza STI on gold 5Zigen FN01R-C wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (39)

Loved the way this 3rd Gen Acura Integra was leaving. My favorite car of the day looked even better when it was leaving the facility and rolling away on Enkei Racing S Wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (40) Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (41) - Teal DC Integra Enkei S Racing

I messed up on this shot but nonetheless still took a shot of the Air Walker Japan bumper for the ’96-’00 Honda Civic.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (42) - Air Walker Japan bumper

Clean black 3rd Gen Acura Integra with JDM ITR front.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (43)

This 3rd Gen Acura Integra with JDM ITR front was okay because I honestly was more interested in the Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle to the left haha. Definitely a dream liter bike, hopefully one day I’ll own one…*dreaming*Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (44) - Honda CBR1000RR

This ol skool wagon was a pleasant surprise. Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (45)

This Electron Blue Pearl Honda Civic Si EM1 had a nice wheel/brake setup, rocking Regamaster EVO wheels and Spoon brake calipers.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (46) - EBP EM1 Regamaster EVOs Spoon caliper

Another ’96-’00 Honda Civic EK sedan with a Backyard Special front bumper, slammed on BBS RS wheels. If I remember correctly, this guy drove all the way from San Diego at this height. Definitely deserves props considering 1) the challenge to drive slammed & keep the paint clean and 2) because the front bumper isn’t polyurethane!Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (47) - BYS EK Ferio BBS RS

Last shot I took of a white 2nd Gen Acura Integra chilling on Work Leadsled wheels.Event - Eibach Meet 2009 (48) - DA Integra Work Leadsled

Okay folks! There you have it, a revisit to the past to when Eibach Honda meet was still held at the Eibach Springs facility in Corona, California. Stay Tuned! More How-To/DIY articles coming soon! Thanks for reading, I hope you have a positively awesome day! 😀

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